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The exhibit prep. went very well today, good job! We will continue to work on Laser Cutting tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. If you signed up for tomorrow, please consult with the students supervising the wood-shop (especially Jacob Kruse) and find a time to come into the shop to continue to cut and bundle model stands.

In addition to laser-cutting, there will be more measuring and cutting down of cardboard sheets. Below is a white board image with your assigned roles.

white board





ReadTSCHUMI_Abstract Mediation and Strategy

Model: 4 massing models @ 1/32″ = 1′-0″ (Each model needs to address a different strategy outlined in the Tschumi reading)

Draw: 3 Longitudinal sections of each model @ 1/32″ = 1′-0″ (Total = 12 sections)

Reference the image of the white board for Monday’s assignment.




ARCH 352-452
Carefully consider the following approaches as you construct your seven (7) new model iterations @ 1/32″=1′-0″ for Friday. We will discuss the criteria outlined below in studio on Friday.
When confronted with an urbanistic program, an architect may either:
a. Design a masterly construction, an inspired architectural gesture (a composition)
b. Take what exists, fill in the gaps, complete the text, scribble in the margins (a complement)
c. Deconstruct what exists by critically analyzing the historical layers that preceded it, even adding other layers derived from elsewhere-from other cities, other parks  (a palimpsest)
d. Search for an intermediary-an abstract system to mediate between the site (as well as all given constraints) and some other concept, beyond city or program (a mediation)