ARCH 352: Architectural Studio I & ARCH 452: Architecture Studio III have been combined into a vertical studio that focuses on the making of buildings through the practice of architecture. In this studio, we will look at the representation and technology of constructing buildings.

1080 Models : Aberdeen 2014 stems from the combined effort of the SDSU Department of Architecture (DoArch), CO-OP and the Aberdeen Downtown Association. The city of Aberdeen has played a crucial role in prompting DoArch students to contextualize and test urban design strategies. Last Fall, Thomas Hurlbert, principal architect at CO-OP approached the DoArch faculty with a Masterplan for Downtown Aberdeen as well as an opportunity for students to become involved. What resulted were 1080 approaches to designing a Children’s Museum and public space addition for the Dacotah Prairie Museum.

As part of a Vertical Studio, a studio in which third and fourth year students come together to design individual projects, the students tested their ideas and strategies. Over the course of five (5) weeks, the students modeled, drew, and openly discussed their approach to designing for the site. These ideas were rooted in an initial presentation made by Thomas, a site visit to Aberdeen, as well as discussions with instructors and colleagues. Most importantly, they are the result of the imagination and effort put forth by a group of DoArch students. This process has culminated into a review of the work as well as an exhibit of the 1080 models in the city of Aberdeen. The opportunity to work in the community is paramount to a student’s architectural design education. Through the combined effort of CO-OP, DoArch, Heidi Appel with the Downtown Association, Gary Vetter with the Brown County Courthouse, Sue Gates with the Dacotah Prairie Museum, and Aberdeen, the city not only gains 1080 models, but also 1080 perspectives.


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