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As mentioned in class yesterday, the venue for the ARCH 352|ARCH 452 review has been relocated from the Train Depot.  Instead, the review will be held at the WARD HOTEL BALLROOM, the tall building across from the Wells Fargo building.  The address is included below.  Please arrive at 2:00 pm with your models, drawings, and catalogs. If you have any questions, please contact Tad, Jessica, or Federico. The image below shows each student’s location within the exhibit.

ARCH 352-452_Exhibit Layout




The exhibit prep. went very well today, good job! We will continue to work on Laser Cutting tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. If you signed up for tomorrow, please consult with the students supervising the wood-shop (especially Jacob Kruse) and find a time to come into the shop to continue to cut and bundle model stands.

In addition to laser-cutting, there will be more measuring and cutting down of cardboard sheets. Below is a white board image with your assigned roles.

white board